Exhibition 2018

Through a tremulous prism is a temporary exhibition that brings together works by Achim Lengerer, Ingo Mittelstaedt, Abigail Reynolds and Julie Sass. The title is derived from a sliver of a passage regarding memory in Vladimir Nabokov’s autobiographical memoir, Speak, Memory (1951). It is precisely (or unprecisely) this fragile and fractured experience of recollection/reconstruction of past events, identities and histories that the artists seek to preserve and reflect on. Works on view include video installation, book pages, found objects, text, scripts, heliopgraphic prints, collage, and sculpture.

Saturday, 20 October, 17:00 h*

‘On the Tenderness of Human Learning’, Leseprobe (theatrical cold reading) with Achim Lengerer. *Public Programme held in exhibition room. Primarily in German, but all languages welcome.

The complete list of works in the exhibition and the accompanying text is available in the exhibition room.

Artists and their books are present in the exhibitors halls: Achim Lengerer/Scriptings (Table V2), Ingo Mittelstaedt (Table K2), Julie Sass (Table K14). Abigail Reynolds’ book is available through Hatje Cantz in the Public Programmes room during her public programme, Saturday, 20 October, 16:00 h, please check schedule for information.