Exhibition and Performances 2016

it is this flash itself that seduces is a temporary exhibition as part of Friends with Books Programmes with works by Bettina Allamoda, Marc Bijl, Beni Bischof, Brian Kennon, Jasper Sebastian Stürup, with a performance by Discoteca Flaming Star. In reference to Roland Barthes’ La Plaisir du Texte (The Pleasure of the Text, 1973), the artists’ works all elicit a shared interest in books and publications and the differing forms of ‘pleasure’ they may evoke, such as voyeurism, the desire for knowledge, escape, and material possession. Works on view include drawing, collage/print, found images, performance, text, sculpture, and site-specific installation.

Performance / Saturday, December 10, 18:00 h

Discoteca Flaming Star perform ‘Hate Verses’, 2016, against the backdrop of their original White Banner 1, 2001 (in Performance and Public Programmes Area YZ; for more information see the Public Programmes schedule).

The complete list of works in the exhibition and the accompanying text is available in Exhibition Area D.

Participating artists are present in the exhibitors halls: Bettina Allamoda (Table N1), Beni Bischof/Lazer Magazin (Table O2), Brian Kennon/2nd Cannons Publications (Table E4), Discoteca Flaming Star (Table N10), Jasper Sebastian Stürup/Fluens Forlag (Table O4).