Performances, Installations, Workshops 2018


Friday, 19 October, 19:00 h

Saskia Edens, Jérôme Karsenti and Lorenza Mondada
TransforMOTion, 2018

TransforMOTion, 2018, by artists Saskia Edens, Jérôme Karsenti and Lorenza Mondada, is a performance of ‘flying words’ realised through actions and materials. A tongue emerges from a cuneiform clay tablet, and a writing-hand captures the audience’s expressions, which are then projected. A bow tenses to target the text produced by tongue and hands. 

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Saturday, 20 October, 18:00 h

Discoteca Flaming Star
Ingrid (2003 – so far), 2018

Interdisciplinary art collective Discoteca Flaming Star (Céline Condorelli, CBG, Sofia Lomba, WM) perform Ingrid (2003 – so far), 2018, exploring the life of Spanish B-movie actress Ingrid Rabel (Maria Teresa Gómez Gutierrez, 19452002), the characters she performed, and DFS’ fictional extensions. A limited edition fanzine is distributed to the audience. 

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Sunday, 21 October, 14:30 h

Andrea Brandão
Possible Portrait (20112018)

Artist Andrea Brandão performs Possible Portrait (20112018) examining the multiple ways that one may present oneself, between our appearance and our projected persona. With a minimum shift from normality, Brandão repeats the gesture of dressing, becoming gradually less visible as she disappears within layers of clothing. Presented by Friends with Books. 

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Zora Mann & Øyvind Renberg & Mums
Haven, 2018

Haven is an installation created by Zora Mann and Øyvind Renberg with contributions from their mothers, Vivien Cahusac and Eva Baumann, inviting children to take part in creative play and inspiring family collaboration. Derived from combining existing paintings and sculpture by Mann and Renberg, Haven manifests new ideas and imagery that go beyond their respective art practices. During the fair, children are encouraged to join in and change the work further.

Like a fairytale island, Haven is centred on Renberg’s spiralling pink ammonite shell staircase*,featuring surface area for a large felt ‘painting’. Eyes, ears, beads, fruits, animals and geometric figures make a colourful and surreal picture that can be moved and composed into new, ever changing motives. Children may also engage in a colouring activity with Mann’s drawings inspired by her artist book, Zora Mann’s Magical Coloring Book (Chert Berlin and Motto Books, 2014), while lounging on her ‘eye’ beanbags. Additionally, Mann’s paintings have been converted to seating and play mats filled with playground safety foam material.

*Originally produced with Miho Shimizu as a set piece for the film Möbius.

Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin requests that children are not left unattended, but always accompanied by a parent. A Friends with Books staff member is present to supervise and assist parents and children.

Christoph Ruckhäberle
Untitled, 2018

A large-scale site-specific fabric curtain installation, Christoph Ruckhäberle’s Untitled, 2018, features two repeated rows of a colourfully clad dancing man running to the left and to the right. Bright and festive, this ‘faux-folk’ work playfully explores the possibilities of more formal concerns such as figuration, pattern, seriality and decoration – central to much of Ruckhäberle’s diversity of work in painting, installation, printmaking, and artist’s books. 

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Performance Installation

Morten Søndergaard
The Wordpharmacist, 2018

The Wordpharmacist is an ongoing performance by poet Morten Søndergaard connected to Wordpharmacy, a publisher producing limited editions that combine the structure of language with the healing principles of various medicaments. As an invitation to users into this universe, the Wordpharmacist opens up a practice during the fair offering consultations where one may be prescribed a ‘word’ as a drug to cure a linguistic disorder.

The performance takes place periodically. A sign indicates whether ‘The Wordpharmacist is In’ or ‘The Wordpharmacist is Out’ for consultations. An installation of Wordpharmacy works accompanies the performance.

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Sunday, October 21, 13:00 h – 14:30 h

Les Trois Ourses
‘Create an Artistic Book’

‘Create an Artistic Book’ is a children’s bookmaking workshop* organised by Les Trois Ourses (The Three Bears), a Paris-based collective focusing on artists’ books for children. Inspired by the visual world of Japanese artist Katsumi Komagata’s book, LITTLE EYES 6: WHAT COLOR? from the Learning for Children series, children use their imagination and creativity to make their own book. 

Coloured paper, glue sticks, and chlldren’s safety scissors are provided.

For children ages 6+, limited to ten children, each together with a parent.

The workshop is held in German and English languages.

Please RSVP in advance to Nora Gogl, Assistant Curator, Friends with Books, at ng[at]friendswithbooks[dot]org.

Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin requests that children are not left unattended, and always accompanied by a parent. In addition to the Les Trois Ourses workshop leader, a Friends with Books staff member is present to assist parents and children.

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Workshop Installation

The Paper Channel
Berliner Blau, 2018

Berliner Blauis a temporary print workshop creatinga hand-printed single-edition artist's book, What is Home?, in real time during the course of the fair. 

The book is made with the early photographic technique of cyanotype (also known as blueprint when used for reproduction), using ‘Berlinisch Blau’ or ‘Prussian Blue’, a deep blue pigment invented in Berlin in 1709. Composed of a series of printed portraits, each page of the book explores concepts of immigration and belonging based on an on-site interview conducted with a visitor, along with their photograph, a text and map.

Artwork & Printing: Guy Briller
Editor & Generator: Yosi Lampel
Publisher: The Paper Channel

Participants: Guy Briller, Yosi Lampel, Judith Poppe, Rita Schiavon

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